Thursday, 15 January 2015

makeup which is so cheap i can hardly believe it.

Shopping for makeup is never more thrilling than when the possibility exists of buying something for $1. And here is an unexpected twist: so far, everything I have bought with similar low, low prices has been either fun or useful, which is all I ask for in my purchases.
In my newly-formed opinion, the holy grail of dirt cheap makeup is wet n wild. They seem to excel in unusual colours and innovative textures, and everything works like it is more expensive.
 First, look at these bloody eyeshadows! They are from the Comfort Zone palette, which cost around $5. If you are anything like me, the mirror shine of each of my fingertips will be very pleasing to your eyes. They are really soft and easy to move around and just so beautiful, and look at the weird and wonderful colours. (Apologies for weird photo reminiscent of E.T.)
And here is a bunch of other things, namely the Megalast Liquid Lip Colour in Click on my Hyper Pink (wtf), the Colour Icon Kohl in You're Always White, and the Colour Icon Glitter Single in Bleached. ($3, $1 and $1 respectively.) The liquid lipstick applied on its own dries down to an almost plasticy finish, which will certainly mega-last, but will feel awful and make you look weird. However, when I tried this again I applied loads of lipbalm first, then mixed the two products together on my lips. Then it worked well as a normal feeling lipstick which wore to a bubblegum pink stain. Perfect for channeling Nicki Minaj (my hero). The white eye pencil is really comparable to many more expensive ones, and works well in the waterline to give that alien-esque, wide eyed look I crave. The glitter dabbed on your tearduct lends itself to a similar look. (If you're wondering, my main makeup look recently is dead on the mouth, alien in the eyes, and all around attractive to boys.)
Finally, a word, if I may, on the ELF line of $1 makeup tools. The Total Face Brush has become my everyday BB cream applicator - it blends really seamlessly and quickly. The Smudge Brush is the lower-lash-line smudger of my dreams. And the eyelash curlers (not photographed) are incredibly close in quality to the Shu Uemura ones (though not quite as good, and I don't understand how this can be! They are both torturous eyelash clampers, yet the Shu one is a touch better).
I am sure this won't be my last cheap makeup spree, as I have had unmitigated success and there is nothing that cheers my spirits more than incredibly cheap makeup working out well on my face.

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