Sunday, 2 November 2014

my pouch

I like to change my bag with a fair amount of frequency, and the decision to do so is often made when about to run out of the door. Hence, my pouch: the handbag within a handbag which makes changeovers easy and speedy and also make sure you don't leave any man behind. It also is paramount to the maintenance of a tidy handbag, and thus the illusion of a tidy mind.
Here is my pouch of choice, which I got for free from Ren for spending too much money. I like it because it's white, unobtrusive and have a nice zip closure. Also even if I didn't like it, I'm not going to buy a new pouch, I'm not insane. For the record, don't worry, I'm not under the illusions that anyone actually cares about me and my pouch. But for selfish reasons, in the formation of your own pouch, this could be quite useful. I helped my mum with her pouch and I do think it genuinely changed her life.
So: my pouch. I always have a hand sanitizer because you never know when you'll accidentally drop your phone down the toilet, that is something I have always said. Mine is from Aldi but I'm not really into the smell of intense grass. I also always have a hand cream because I am eighty-five years old. This one was a pound from Superdrug and I really really like it. The little moisturiser from Aveeno was free in the post, and its useful for other dryness-related problems.
Plasters and medicines are good for someone as accident prone as myself. The medicines are ibuprofen (usually for headaches) and allergy medicine for when I accidentally get bitten by a horsefly - the doctor told me I should have it with me at all times so he no longer has to look at my bare ass when I get bitten on it. I also have a pill box from a car boot sale with more allergy medicine in, because I'm not really into showing the doctor my bare ass either (despite what he may tell you).
I have a pen, for obvious reasons (mostly underlining the clever and funny bits in whatever book I'm reading). At the moment I have a pencil, a sharpener and a rubber too, because, fun fact, you aren't allowed pens in the British Library. This blog is truly a learning experience for you.
The other things are makeup related. A Nars concealer in "Vanilla" because it's the best. This one is basically empty and I have another full one which I use when getting ready. Maybelline Babylips in "Peach Kiss" because it's my favourite lip product at the moment, and is both a balm and a makes-lips-nicer thing. A mirror for staring into and writing love poetry. The RMS Living Luminizer, which is a frankly ridiculously priced highlighting paste type of thing. It is so so nice but I still can't believe I bought it. A nice gold spray bottle from a charity shop which is full of the &Other Stories Fig perfume. This is good for when you stink, like really stink. An eyebrow pencil from The Body Shop, for obvious reasons. A purple lipstick from Stargazer. I really like Stargazer lipsticks because they have loads of fun colours and they're really cheap. And finally a brown mascara which I use on my eyelashes sometimes, but mostly on my eyebrows to make them look hairier.
So there you have it, the contents of my pouch laid out for all to see. Don't say I don't spoil you.

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